Star Dancer (Wirral) Freestyle Competition

A fabulous day of dancing – heres our results and pictures.


U8                          Mya & Phoebe -1st

U10                        Lucy & Ruby – 1st, Ella & Lucy – 2nd

U14                        Chloe & Liv – 2nd Elle & Kez – 3rd, Paris & Kris – 4th, Angel & Eb – 8th

U16                        Fran & Maria -1st, Lauren & Holly   6th

Adult                     Jess & Elisha -1st


U8 BEG                 Jess – 4th

U10 BEG               Anastazja – 4th

U12 BEG               Ella – 2nd

U14 BEG               Anise – 3rd, Ebony – 6th, Angel -7th

U10 STA               Ella – 5th, Lucy – 6th

U12 STA               Melody – 5th

U16 STA                Lucy – 2nd, Holly – 6th

AD STA                 Elisha – 2nd

U8 INT                   Phoebe – 3rd, Mya – 4th

U10 INT                 Lucy – 2nd

U14 INT                  Kristina – 2nd, Olivia – 4th, Elle – 4th

U16 INT                  Jess – 3rd

U10 CHP               Nicole – 1st

U12 CHP               Paris – 3rd, Kerys – 5th

U14 CHP               Chloe – 2nd

U16 CHP               Maria – 2nd


U10 BEG               Anastazja & Jess – 3rd

U12 BEG               Ella & Melody – 2nd

U14 BEG               Ebony & Angel – 2nd, Maisie & Anise – 4th

U8 INT                  Mya & Phoebe – 2nd

U10 INT                 Ruby & Lucy – 3rd, Ella & Lucy – 4th, Adam & Nicole – 7th

U14 INT                 Paris & Kristina – 1st, Elle & Kerys – 2nd

U16 INT                 Maria & Ces, Holly & Lauren

AD INT                  Elisha & Jess – 1st

U14 CHP               Chloe & Nicole – 2nd


U10 NOV             Charlotte – 2nd,  Anastajza – 5th

U16 NOV             Lauren -1st

AD NOV               Elisha – 2nd

U8 INT                  Mya – 4th

U10 INT                Lucy – 5th, Ella – 6th, Ruby – 7th

U12 INT                Melody – 4th

U14 INT                Olivia – 1st

U16 INT                Jess – 2nd, Lucy – 3rd

U8 CHP                 Phoebe – 1st

U10 CHP               Lucy – 1st

U12 CHP               Kerys – 2nd, Paris – 4th

U14 CHP               Kristina – 1st, Chloe – 3rd, Elle – 4th

Introducing Amy Greenhalgh

Amy G

I am very pleased to announce that Empowered Studios has a new Teacher. Miss Amy is a highly skilled teacher of all theatre subjects and holds a number of IDTA teaching qualifictions as well as a BA (HONS) Dance with Aerial Performance degree. Amy has an excellent knowledge of all IDTA grade work and is looking forward to traning our students! Amys full biog can be found on our ‘meet the team’ page on the website and a full list of classes are on the timetable.