Acro Minis

Acro Minis is a bespoke program for preschool aged children aged 2-4 years. Following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus children learn the fundamentals of dance and Acro. It is a frantic program where girls and boys can build their confidence and have fun.

Benefits of the program include;

⭐️ Social Skills: Children learn to interact with others through play and form friendships. Through play, creativity and dance the children will improve their communication skills helping them to prepare for school.

⭐️ Better Motor Skills: The program helps to develop young muscles and minds with the carefully selected exercises. As the motor skills are improved, independence is also enhanced.

⭐️ Increased Vocabulary: Learning the skill names, songs and rhymes with further build your Childs vocabulary and improve speech and pronunciation.

⭐️ Improved Confidence: Perhaps the most important benefit of all! Our sessions are all about being inclusive and encouraging so every Childs feels a sense of achievement!

Hannah Jackson, the principal of Empowered Studios is the lead coach for the Acro Mini sessions. She has 20 years of teaching experience. As well as running a very successful dance school she also delivers PE in Salford schools and specialises in pre school Acro.

WE CURRENTLY HAVE AN OPEN ACRO SESSION ON MONDAYS (TERM TIME) Monday 1:45-2:30pm – Please message for availability

Parents/Guardians: Please contact Hannah for further information on her Acro Mini sessions.

Nurseries/school providers: Why not have your own Acro Mini session in your setting? This is an excellent addition to your timetable and also gives your staff the opportunity to sit back and observe the children – ideal for milestone assessments.

Hannah Jackson 07702546307 or email