All classes priced at £16 per month unless otherwise stated.
Age guide: Stars = 4-7years, Juniors = 8-11years & Seniors 12-16years 

4:30-5:15pm Junior Freestyle Competition Class 
4:30-5:30pm Senior Ballet & Tap Class
5:15-6:00pm Junior Fitness & Stretch Class
5:15-6:00pm Senior Ballet Pointe Class
6:00-6:45pm Junior TikTok Class 
6:15-7:00pm Senior Freestyle Competition Class 
7:00-7:45pm Senior Fitness & Stretch Class 

4:30-5:15pm Junior Hoop Class* 
5:20-6:05pm Senior Hoop Class* 
6:15-7:00pm Adult Hoop Class*

4:30-5:15pm Yellow Acro Dance (Stars)
5:00-5:45pm Junior Contemporary
5:15-6:00pm Blue Acro Dance (Stars/Junior)
5:45-6:30pm Senior Contemporary
6:00-6:45pm Green Acro Dance (Junior)
6:45-7:45pm Red Acro Dance (Senior)

4:30-5:15pm Stars Commercial Street
4:45-5:30pm Junior Freestyle 
5:30-6:15pm Senior Show Dance
5:30-6:15pm Junior Commercial Street 
6:15-7:00pm Junior Show Dance
6:15-7:00pm Senior Commercial Street
7:00-7:45pm Junior Commercial Street 2 
5:00-5:45pm Advanced Acro (Seniors)
7:10-7:55pm Senior Freestyle
8:00-8:45pm ZUMBA **

10:00-10:45am Baby Ballet
10:15-11:00am Stars Disco Freestyle
11:00-11:45am Pinks Ballet & Tap
11:00-11:45am Junior Ballroom
11:45-12:30pm Senior Ballroom
11:45-12:30pm Lilac Ballet & Tap
12:30-1:15am Navy Ballet & Tap

* £24 per Month
** Places booked directly through our Zumba teacher, contact us for information

Because the class places are capped at 15 for studio 1 and 12 for studio 2, places are extremely limited. Please enrol via the portal as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to attend any of our classes please contact us to find a suitable class and check availability.

Email: empoweredstudios@outlook.com