Dance Classes For All


Freestyle Classes

Are you looking for Freestyle dance classes in Greater Manchester?

There are many dance styles that fall under ‘Freestyle’. Freestyle dance classes at Empowered focus on strength, flexibility, stamina and technique. Students will be given the opportunity to take part in showcases, take freestyle medal award and Freestyles Grades with the IDTA. Empowered studios also has a large competitive Freestyle program.

Street Dance

Are you looking for Street Dance classes in Greater Manchester?

Street Dance is a popular choice amongst children. Routines and movements are taught to the latest chart hits and old school classics! An excellent class for novices, watch your child confidence grow as the meet new friends and become more confident in front of other people.

Contemporary Dance

Are you looking for Contemporary Dance classes in Greater Manchester?

Contemporary Dance is a difficult style to define, there are no set or established movement patterns – rather it’s an art form open to continual development and self-discovery.
Drawing on the foundations of basic dance technique from classical ballet and modern jazz, contemporary dance incorporates elements from many dance styles to allow the individual to develop their own style of free movement. The main focus on contemporary dance technique requires a strong control over the body and introduces leg, upper body and floor work, contract and release, body contact, improvisation and interpretation.

Modern Dance

Are you looking for Modern Dance classes in Greater Manchester?

Mini Groovers

The perfect way for younger children to get acquainted with dancing. Suitable for three to four-year-olds.

Ballet and Tap

Are you looking for Ballet and Tap classes in Greater Manchester? Contact Empowered Studios for further details.

Adult Fitness

Are you looking for Adult Fitness classes in Greater Manchester? Contact Empowered Studios for further details.

You are never too old to start! Here at Empowered Studios we offer a wide range of adult fitness classes ranging from dance classes to a more aerobic style workout. Keep fit in a fun and friendly environment whilst socializing amongst friends.

*Places limited, new students only.

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